Hiya! I'm Yangetze aka Creatorvurei! a Freelance Illustrator and aspiring VTuber! Likes drawing cute and creepy things! Is also willing to draw and play NSFW content!

Please take a look at my T.O.S before commissioning and take a look at my commission info to see if im the right fit for you :)




I do not mind revisions but after a certain point there maybe an additional charge for extra revisions. Revisions are only for certain projects which will be stated in the commission info section. You can request revisions on none revised commissions for free but after 1 or 2 i will have to add the fee.

Also please allow a good bit of turn around time for bigger projects. thank you!


  • ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE UPFRONT NO ACCEPTIONS!! I currently only accept USD on Cashapp, Gpay, or i can send a square invoice(fees may apply)

  • I do NOT allow refunds! all sales are FINAL unless, I, personally, cannot deliver the a service. A full or partial will be issued if i am unable to deliver.

  • Please be aware that I, as the artist, have the right to decline a commission at any time.

  • Clients are allowed to request for updates and WIPs.

  • This will be a digital art piece, their for there will NOT be a print of it personally by me unless otherwise specified

  • Revision Fee will depend on each piece, it can be $15-50 usd depending on the project.

  • I, as the artist, can deny a revision if i see fit(like if there are too many and in the best interest of the client so they don't have to pay more.)


  • Commissions are not first come first serve unless specified

  • ETA on commissions can and will vary depending on how many i take upon and the detail of the piece or how many parts are involved in the project. Please be patient thank you.

  • NSFW art does REQUIRE ID!!! i just need to see the age is all, everything else can be crossed out.

Commission Info!!

Prices and Commission types are subject to change at anytime or increase upon acquiring commission!
Please contact me on any of my socials if you have any questions on anything like what i am willing to do before sending in a form


  • $20 USD

  • full color ONLY

  • Does NOT come with revisions(Will be willing to give them free upon request)

Waist Up!

  • $45 USD for base

  • $10 for each additional figure/animal (optional)

  • $10 extra for a complicated background (optional)

  • full color ONLY

  • This will come with 1-2 Free Revisions, revision fee will be applied after that

Full Body!

  • $65 USD for base

  • $15 for each additional figure/animal (optional)

  • $10 extra for a complicated background (optional)

  • full color ONLY

  • This will come with 1-2 Free Revisions, revision fee will be applied after that

Logos & Banners!

  • $70 USD base for Logo and $50 base for Banners for social medias

  • up to 3-4 revisions on both banners and logos before revision fee

  • you can get a package deal for both for $!00 USD which is $20 less than getting one after the other. (optional)

Character Design Refs!

  • Good to be used as a mascot, VTuber model, or an oc that you just want! this also counts as a custom adopt!!

  • $100 USD as Base

  • $10 USD for each expression to add (optional)

  • $50 USD if you would like to add a custom logo with it! (optional)

  • comes with a simple or complicated background

  • will come with up to 4-5 revisions

Convention Info!

If you ever wanted to know which cons/events i will be at or if your an AA/Vendor director checking my site/portfolio then you have come to the right place! i am currently based in Mobile AL but originally from Old Hickory TN so i am a bit everywhere. I started tabling at conventions since 2011 so this has been a long journey but i love it so far!

Currently i am selling at the Mobile Flea Market and getting an online shop together!

2022 Convention Calander!

  • ConNooga - Feb 18th-20th Chattanooga TN

  • Omni-con - dates TBA

  • Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival - April 9th

  • Akaicon - july 22nd-24th

  • Yamacon - Dates TBA

Items I Sell!

  • Posters - 11x17 and 5x7

  • Keychains - Made of clay

  • Magnets - made of resin

  • Jewlery - made of clay or resin

  • Stickers - UV and Water Proof

  • Buttons - Bottle cap ones for now

Conventions/Events I've Attended!

  • Yamacon

  • Connooga

  • Omni-con

  • Akaicon

  • Anime Kaiju

  • GMX

  • Tri-con

  • Samcon

  • Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

  • Super Speedy Cider Con